Partner with a Company Embracing Student Data Security

IbisLink is committed to being a good custodian of student data—taking all reasonable and appropriate countermeasures in ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and availability. We believe that the safe collection and management of student data is essential to student success within the digital classroom.


Take Control of Your Student Data

IbisLink certifies the application, database and infrastructure security of our software solutions. IbisLink's customers own their student and school data; we have no rights to access or sell student or school data and we do not collect, maintain, use or share student personal information beyond that needed for authorized educational or school purposes, or as authorized by the parent or student.

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Our Pledge of Student Privacy



Schools can communicate with confidence to shareholders that their student data is safe and secure.

Terms of Use


IbisLink is serious about being a good custodian of student data. We are cautious and thoughtful about every piece of data that we store knowing that our schools place a high degree of trust in us to manage their data with professionalism.

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Give Parents Peace of Mind

Parents can rest assured that IbisLink is a trusted, verified custodian of their children’s data. When a school partners with IbisLink, parents and students are invited into the secure system and enter their information, with their consent. We create secure conventions for how the data is stored.